Was in 1946 when Juan Nari, first generation, decided to venture into the commodity brokerage and being pioneering founded his own brokerage activity. One decade later, in 1955 his son, Juan Antonio Nari, joined the company who reinforced and gave competitiveness to the company. Since that time and for several decades, the company grows following the evolution of the argentine grain trade. In 1989 with the entry of Alejandro Juan Nari, third generation, the firm began its reengineering, with all this youthful energy and started to experienced new challenges. Later on, in 2004, they founded the firm A&J Nari S.A., a company from his professionalism and excellence gained a leading position in the industry. With the aim of integrating the marketing chain and to offer more choices to our customers, in 2007 Nari´s family gives birth to their Export Company, E-GRAIN S.A., the objective was to give our customers a window to the world and with this, to get better marketing conditions. It is from this that our companies are beginning to be recognized by all major world grain buyers. From the year 2009 and with the aim of integrating the entire chain, E-Grain decided to give birth to their production of specialty programs, with traceability. In that way, today we open programs of wheat, malting barley and especial corns among others.

  • Speciality Crops

    Small Green Peas
    Malting Barley
    Feed Barley
    High Oleic Sunflower Seeds
    Maize Flint Non GMO
    Durum Wheat

  • Commodities

    Sunflower Seed

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